Imagine saving up your whole life to buy that dream home or that comfortable condo that that represents all shade of beauty to you, only to wake up next morning and find fire gutting down the house?. Horrible huh? that is what home insurance prepares you for. It is like a shield protecting you from the full force of every unpleasant uncertainty that may befall you most cherished asset, your home. When you buy home insurance, you transfer the cost of a potential loss to the insurance company in exchange for a fee called premium.


Subscribing to a standard home insurance package doesn’t just limit to your physical structure, it also extends to provide some mouthwatering benefits that will also depend on your insurance package. Home insurance can cover detached structures on your property like a fence; it will also proffer personal property coverage which will replace some personal effects of the insured that are stolen or damaged. Home insurance packages can also cover medical expenses for injured family members or guests in the event of a mishap. There may also be a provision in the insurance cover to pay for additional living expenses if you are unable to love in the property after damage until repairs are completed.


All Home insurance covers come with limits. Limits are the maximum amount your policy will pay out after a covered loss or damage. Also, note that many coverages have their own deductibles; a specific amount that must have to be deposited before the insurance cover can be activated or say, the insurance company can be responsible for your losses. It is wise then that in choosing an insurance package, the limits should correspond to the cost of the property as to give a soft landing during damages.

In the insurance market, different coverages abound and they like the Standard Cover(A) and Additional Covers that are percentages of the Standard Cover. The additional Cover caters for additional valuables damage. Also, some insurance covers have an inflation protection clause that helps you adjust your coverage limits at your policy’s renewal to keep pace with inflation.


There are plenty of insurance companies in the market and this makes it dicey in choosing the best insurance agencies. However there are some indicators to look out for in choosing an agency to handle your insurance issues. These include checking out the comparative rates  different agencies offer for a particular class of insurance cover. This is possible by getting quotes from various companies and comparing them to see which one fits your property profile the most.

Also, researching about the Insurance agency in question with respect to it’s prudence with premiums, consumer reports, ratings and years of experience in the market can prevent one from falling prey to plausible yet mouthwatering rates. Also finding out what special benefits that are accruable to clients in discounts over time can help to reduce the amount payable in rates.

However, the easiest way of getting decisive information on home insurance agencies, comparative rates and additional benefits is through Independent insurance agents, although this is for a few bucks. Their services in Memphis home insurance is very reliable since they are not beholden by one company hence will give an unbiased review. Their many years of experience in the market have given them an understanding of the market and what options are the best.


Having a home insurance policy doesn’t protect your property from damage but will provide a  financial safety net in cases of  the unfavorable. When needing a home insurance company in Memphis, a Google map or surfing the net could bring closer to a independent insurance agent.