Checking In to Survive the Flood

Just about a year ago Hurricane Matthew engulfed the citizens of eastern North Carolina.  The massive impact of the storm was felt throughout the low-lying counties where rivers and creeks flooded towns and communities and in some cases even burst dikes and levees.  Residents found themselves forced to abandon homes and relocate to shelters or move in with families and friends.  A year later some towns are still trying to rebuild and recover from the havoc wreaked by the storm.  Those who were threatened managed to activate their preparedness plans and book rooms from franchises that provided comfortable places for them to stay until they could return home.

As most homeowners know, obtaining home insurance is an essential part of the purchase process.  Some companies require the prospective buyer to include a homeowner insurance policy as part of the agreement.  Sometimes the mortgage company will stipulate the coverage the policy must include if the purchaser will qualify for the mortgage loan itself.  Unfortunately – as some people found to their sorrow – these homeowners policies are often not required to include coverage from damages due to floods; often homeowners should purchase separate flood insurance coverage to protect themselves from the potential damages and loss that can accompany a disaster like the flooding caused by Hurricane Matthew.  Many homeowners who don’t live in flood plain areas fail to consider the impacts of a storm upon an area downstream from man-made lakes and ponds, where waters might overtop dams or cause flash floods due unusually heavy rainstorms.  If their insurance policy excludes protection from floods they could be financially wiped out.


Those who have the protection of a good flood insurance coverage still must undergo the extensive repair and rebuilding process.  Fortunately, they can take advantage of Groupon promo codes and discount coupons to stay at a franchise while the major work is done to make their homes safe and habitable once again and repair the damages from the flooding.  A stay at a franchise can make it a little easier for them to deal with the transition their life has taken after enduring the storm, and give them a comfortable place in which to prepare for the future after the flood.